Where do I get support for my Bentley software?

Archway always provides first line of support for any software purchased from Archway. You can email support@archwaysystems.com, call 714-374-0440, or use our Contact Form. You can also reach out regarding submitting a support ticket to Bentley or using one of the Keys that came with your Virtuoso Subscription.

How long has Archway been a Bentley Channel Partner?

Archway Systems has been a Bentley Channel Partner since 1992. We have been through many versions of Bentley software and we are ready to serve you with all the expertise we have learned along the way.

Does Archway have in house technical support?

Yes! Archway has all degreed application engineers, each with over 15 years of experience and Bentley certification as Qualified Trainers. In-house experience and training offered for MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenRail, and ProjectWise. We also work with many sub-contractors with equal experience covering OpenBuildings, OpenPlant, STAAD, WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, SewerGEMS and SewerCAD.

What is a Bentley Bash?

Our annual Bentley Bash is a free remote training event started by Archway and Bentley. Well over 20 have been conducted. 

Can Archway Systems help with software implementation?

Yes, we provide consulting services for software implementation, optimization, and customization to ensure seamless integration into your workflows.

How do I get started with Bentley Software?

First, give Archway a call at 714-374-0440 and we’ll give you a hand! You will need to forecast your needs, which we can help with. How long is the project? How many and who are the engineers that will be on the project? How often and for waht duration will the engineers need to use the software? What is your scop on the project? Will you be working in 3D and supplying models or digital twins? We’ll help you develop your plan at no cost to you.

Why Buy from Archway

Whoever you buy from, all sales end up directly from Bentley to you. But you get the same or better price if you purchase with Archway and you get our 30 years of experience with Bentley software. We will help you understand all of the options for acquiring the software you need. We have hundreds of companies like yours that rely on us. Some for over 30 years. 

You get our technical support in addition to the support from Bentley. We have technical folks on staff that have Bentley Qualified Trainer certifications. All our technical folks each have more than 15 years experience, someone who will watch after you as you go through the complex Bentley system.

Archway has won more Bentley awards for excellence in support, training and sales than all other Norht American channel partners combined. We will provide that same level to you.

Should we purchase Perpetual licenses, Virtuoso Subscriptions, a Cloud Services Subscription or an E365?

These are the decisions we can help you with! We have a Cost Calculator that can cost out all the options for the life of the project, so you can choose the right course. Fill out are Contact Form and request access to our Cost Calculator to receive it by email!

Need more help?

Connect with Archway Systems for personalized assistance and answers to any questions about our software solutions, services, or more. We’re here to help you succeed, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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