Who Uses It

OpenRoads is used on all types of civil projects by users with different levels of expertise for a range of project needs, from early impact studies to construction plans production. Examples of users include: State and Federal Departments of Transportation, transportation engineers in other countries, other government agencies, and those concerned with the development of construction sites, highways, roads, and rail around the world.

Key Features

OpenRoads is a family of software products that provides everything needed for survey and design of sites, roads, rail, and drainage. It is the leading and most comprehensive software for highway and rail design in the world. A few of the key features include:

  • 3D Model
  • Interactive Roadway Designer
  • Integration of functions including site, alignment, surface and more providing data interoperability
  • Automatic vertical profiles and cross-sections
  • Multiple ways to compute cut & fills
  • Feature based Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) – create intelligent 3D models
Why Buy from Archway

There are many reasons you should buy InRoads for your civil design needs. Here are just a few:

  • Leading software among DOTs in the world
  • Consistency to ensure data integrity and security across platforms
  • Compatibility through XML for improved data sharing with field engineers and surveyors as well as other software applications
  • To take advantage of SELECT which offers concurrent and trust licensing as well as product updates and support

And Archway always has the lowest prices, with no extra charge for Archway support.

OpenRoads Designer is an extremely versatile civil design application that is used for all types and sizes of civil projects around the world. The application addresses a wide variety of complex tasks such as interchange design, roundabout design, earthworks, surveying, sanitary and stormwater network design, subsurface utilities, and production of construction staking reports. Traditional 2D methods are manual and tedious, full of communication and data gaps, leaving you frustrated, exhausted, and with a project that costs you accuracy, time, and money. From survey through plan production and construction documentation, OpenRoads Designer is the one application you need to meet project requirements on time, every time, regardless of change.

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