Archway Systems is a Certified Bentley Training Center and regularly holds classes remotely. We offer classes in MicroStation, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, ContextCapture, OpenBuildings Designer, and more. We can also do onsite and custom training as well. To learn more about our training, check out our training website at

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MicroStation Training >

Unlock the full potential of MicroStation with Archway Systems’ specialized training. Our tailored courses empower professionals across every discipline, offering in-depth guidance for 2D and 3D design, modeling, and drafting in infrastructure projects like buildings, bridges, roadways, and railways. Whether you’re from State and Federal Departments of Transportation, government agencies, utilities, or prominent AEC firms, our training equips you with the expertise needed to excel in your projects. Join us to master MicroStation’s capabilities and elevate your skills to the next level.

OpenRoads Training >

Empower your OpenRoads journey with Archway Systems’ specialized training. Our program is meticulously designed to cater to diverse user levels and project requirements, spanning impact studies to construction plan production. Whether you’re a transportation engineer, part of State and Federal Departments of Transportation, global government agencies, or involved in the development of construction sites, highways, roads, and rail projects, our training equips you with the skills and insights to maximize OpenRoads’ capabilities. Join us to elevate your expertise and lead the way in civil project excellence.

Bentley Bash

Each year we host the Bentley Bash, a user group supported training event. The Bentley Bash is a free training and networking event that hosts sessions featuring the latest in Bentley software. It gives you a chance to get a look at the software, ask questions of the experts, and see for yourself why Bentley products are the best choice for your projects. For more information regarding our Bentley Bashes, including registration information, please visit our Events page.

Bentley Bash – More Information

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