Who Uses It

ProjectWise is used by many large firms including government agencies and ports for collaboration of all project and document data. Even smaller firms are beginning to use ProjectWise as they realize the need for a collaboration software.

Key Features

ProjectWise is a system of servers and client software which brings order to large engineering and construction projects. Here are just a few of the key features with ProjectWise:

  • Managed Environment – keeps track of who is working on the file with a check-in/check-out process so that there is only one real copy of a file at all times.
  • Integrated Environment – integrates with other applications including MicroSoft Office, Bentley apps, Autodesk including AutoCAD and Revit, etc. Save files directly to ProjectWise from these applications.
  • Enhanced Search – Google-like searching, form searching, search builder and saved searches
  • Customize information – add extra information to files, including spatial content, project properties, document properties, and more.
  • Accessible via the Web
  • Behind the scenes features – Administrators can control read/write access of users. Auto upload and download only changes the parts of file that you change.
Why Buy from Archway

There are many reasons why you should buy ProjectWise for your collaboration software needs. A few of the main reasons include:

  • Position your firm to lead on DesignBuild projects
  • Save time searching for documents
  • Scalability to handle small to largest projects
  • Ability to track down missing references
  • Delta file transfer for fast upload and download
  • Assurance that the latest version of a file is sent.

And Archway always has the lowest prices, with no extra charge for Archway support.

ProjectWise Engineer Virtuoso Subscription provides you with access to industry-leading software for design coordination and collaboration. Work together with clients and project owners to access and submit designs, accelerate approval cycles, reduce friction and potential errors, and adhere to project standards- all in a common environment.

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